Guided Boat Tours

The canoe-carrying option is also available (at no extra charge) for those who choose a boat tour. Lightweight and responsive, these canoes are a joy to paddle, so if you wish to paddle a portion of you trip, we can simply launch your canoe as we drift the river. In this way you can paddle as much as you want, when you want.

River stretches such as the Yukon’s Thirty Mile provide a swift but safe paddle in crystal-clear water through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Yukon. Your guide is never far away, for both safety and convenience should you need anything, whether it be a rest or a snack. On lakes, the evening paddle is the clear favourite

Canoeing instruction is provided. In about an hour we can teach you the basic skills needed to enjoy the lakes and rivers that we travel on. Please note that these trips can be fully customized for length and itinerary according to your wishes.

1-Day Lake Laberge Sightseeing Trip Explore the beaches and islands of this historic lake.

2- or 3-Day Lake Laberge & Thirty Mile River Enjoy the best of beautiful Lake Laberge and the historic Thirty Mile River

7-Day Teslin River Adventure Can be up to 10 days if you choose. Click here to see a client’s photo album from one of our Teslin River trips.

The serenity of an evening on Lake Laberge…